Vet2Trade by VOSD Corporation Becomes India’s Largest B2B Marketplace for the INR 15,000 Crore or USD 2 Billion Indian Veterinary Market

Bangalore, Karnataka, India – Business Wire India VOSD Corporation has taken another step in creating value and expanding its footprint in the INR 15,000/US$2 billion Indian veterinary market with – becoming India’s largest B2B marketplace – even compared to vet suppliers in horizontal B2B players like IndiaMart and TradeIndia. Vet2Trade allows buyers and sellers to trade a huge catalog of veterinary supplies, pharmaceuticals, equipment and specialist tools, ensuring quality, convenience and competitive prices. Vet2Trade, a VOSD Corporation, has integrated over 1000 veterinary suppliers with nearly 100,000 individual products and services now listed on the B2B marketplace. Vet2Trade, part of Rakesh Shukla-led VOSD Corporation, is India’s largest B2B platform for the veterinary industry for market discovery, products and services in veterinary equipment and instruments, veterinary supplies and accessories, veterinary drugs and medicines, and veterinary services Care. In addition to market, product and service discovery, Vet2Trade empowers businesses in the B2B with attractive business loans and secures their transactions through VOSD-backed escrows. Rakesh Shukla, President, VOSD Corporation said, “ enables VOSD to deliver efficiency and value to the entire spectrum of the Indian veterinary and pet market for products and services worth $2-3 billion or INR 15-20,000 crores . We cross the market in its entire value chain, in addition to breeding and selling any kind of dog, other pet or animal.” Rakesh Shukla is known as ‘The Dog Father of India’ and India’s leading dog expert. Rakesh Shukla, a BTech graduate with an MBA, has 30 years of experience in creating technology-based products and services for global markets. TWB DIGITAL CX, an enterprise-focused Rakesh Shukla company, has served the needs of more than 40 Fortune 500 technology clients over the past 15 years. Rakesh manages a portfolio of successful start-ups – in IT, PetTech, HealthTech and FoodTech.

VOSD Corporation is a holding company of several VetTech companies active in veterinary care, pet transportation, lifestyle, veterinary medicine and pet food through D2C, D2B & B2B brands, manufacturing and purchasing. VOSD Corporation is owned by The VOSD Trust which runs India’s largest dog rescue shelter and the world’s largest no-kill dog shelter.

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