Urgent Pet Care in Tulsa hopes to shorten wait times for injured pets

Veterinarians say the pandemic has caused a shortage of ER vets and long wait times for pet owners and their injured animals.

A Tulsa pet owner says she’s working to fix that problem.

Dr. Corynn Cackler with STATVet said the opening of her veterinary practice comes after a significant uptick in business during the pandemic.

Dr. Cackler said STATVet was the first urgent care to open in Tulsa and sees 15 cases a night during the week. On weekends, this rises to 30,

She said some common pet problems she sees include minor wounds, lameness, eye injuries or sudden changes in behavior.

He said urgent care is important because there is no illness or injury to your pet that gets better by waiting.

“Having these urgent cares is great for the Tulsa community because clients no longer have to wait half a day,” Dr. Kackler said. “If you have something happen to your pet on Sunday and your primary care isn’t open, you don’t have to go and spend your whole day in the ER. We can get you in and out and take care of you.”

STATVet Urgent Care is located at the corner of 15th and South Columbia Avenue.

Pet urgent care centers in Tulsa are helping to address a great need for pet owners.

CLICK HERE to learn more about STATVet’s urgent pet care in Tulsa.

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