Top 10 cities for New Year’s Eve babysitting jobs and average prices

New Year’s Eve is one of the most sought-after nights of the year for parents looking to hire a babysitter. And because the night is so in-demand, the earning potential is very high, allowing you to not only charge more than your usual hourly rate, but also rack up some solid hours, as going out on NYE is generally more than just a quick bite.

If you’re looking to earn top dollar for an evening job, check out the average hourly pay, plus the top 10 cities to find babysitting jobs on New Year’s Eve (maybe it’s your city!), according to New Year’s 2022 of Care Appointment stay. Plus, get an idea of ​​how long hours of work can really add up on the last night of the year.

Average hourly rate for babysitting jobs on New Year’s Eve

The national average hourly rate for NYE babysitting positions at Care in 2022 was about $20 an hour ($20.07, to be exact!). Of course, this percentage fluctuates up or down depending on where you live, the number of children you care for, and the ages of the children.

That said, when asked, many owners told Care that they charge more than their usual price for a babysitting gig on holidays. In fact, many say they charge hour and a half, and some say they charge up to double their usual price. Also, if your parents ask for it babysitting, different rules may apply. Some residents prefer a flat fee rather than an hourly fee, so be sure to discuss payment details in advance.

Top cities in demand for New Year’s Eve sitter jobs

Below, see the 10 US cities with the highest number of listings and bookings New Year’s Eve babysittersaccording to Care bookings in 2022, as well as the average childcare rate in these cities.

Cities in high demand for New Year’s Eve and hourly babysitting rates

ClassLocationAverage Hourly Babysitting Rates on New Year’s Eve*
1New York, New York$22.68
twoLos Angeles, California$23.56
3Miami, Florida$21.42
4Atlanta, GA$20.22
6Dallas, Texas$19.08
7Houston, Texas$17.49
8Chicago IL$20.57
9Phoenix, AZ$20.87
10Seattle, Washington$23.73
* Rate information, based on childcare places and bookings for New Year’s Eve (31/12/2022) published on Care.

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Total cash you could babysit on New Year’s Eve

Babysitting hours always vary, depending on parents’ plans, but on New Year’s Eve, on average, you can expect to work about six hours (parents generally look for babysitters to watch the kids from about 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.). Depending on the age of the children, this may or may not include feeding them dinner, having a party activity or crafting and handling bath time and bedtime.

To give you an idea of ​​your earning potential for the night, here are the average hourly rates in the cities with the highest demand for NYE, along with what you can expect for six hours of work.

Total earnings for babysitting positions on New Year’s Eve in high demand cities

ClassLocationHourly average New Years Eve babysitting prices*Profits afterwards6 hoursof work
1New York, New York$22.68$136.08
twoLos Angeles, California$23.56$141.36
3Miami, Florida$21.42$128.52
4Atlanta, GA$20.22$121.32
6Dallas, Texas$19.08$114.48
7Houston, Texas$17.49$104.94
8Chicago, IL$20.57$123.42
9Phoenix, AZ$20.87$125.22
10Seattle, Washington$23.73$142.38
* Rate information, based on childcare places and bookings for New Year’s Eve (31/12/2022) published on Care.

If you live in one of the cities above, you could be looking at earning somewhere between $104 and $142 for a night of babysitting work. And even if you live in another city, the national average hourly rate can be more than $120 per night.

National average per hour New Years Eve babysitting prices*Earnings after 6 hours of work
* Rate information, based on childcare places and bookings for New Year’s Eve (31/12/2022) published on Care.

When to start looking for a babysitting gig on New Year’s Eve

While it’s never too early to start looking for a gig, demand for most New Year’s Eve job postings starts to pick up around December 26, Care data says, with the most popular day for families to post positions work and book seats on New Year’s Eve. same (Dec. 31).

This is great news for guests weighing up their NYE options or hoping to book a job at short notice.

The bottom line

Your earning potential is high on New Year’s Eve, and frankly, so is your return on investment. Snacking, making some Christmas crafts, and waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the first day of 2024 (with extra money in the bank)? This beats parking headaches, loud music and crowds any day.

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