The shelter dogs were adopted together and care for each other at the New Forever Home

After a rough start in life, a dog named Zeus and a dog named Sandy (now Athena) met at a New Jersey shelter and became inseparable. They now live with their new owner, who adopted them both, allowing them to spend their happiness.

In a post shared on Facebook on Monday, the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter explained that these two puppies arrived at the shelter from different places and at different times, they both needed extra love and attention and from the moment they met and bonded, they only had each other.

“They’re kicking the air and screaming around for not one shelter-worthy dog, but TWO!! Zeus and Sandy have gotten the best home ever and we couldn’t be happier for them,” the shelter wrote.

On the left is Zeus, on the right is his best friend Sadie (now Athena). Two bonded dogs who met at a shelter in New Jersey were adopted into the same home.
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Sandy Hickman, media coordinator at the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter, said Newsweek that Jupiter was handed over by someone who had no choice but to give it up due to owner problems. His last owner got Zeus after his previous owner was deployed in the military, so he had a huge adjustment period to overcome when he first went to his last owner’s home.

She said: “When he was brought into our shelter, he was very down and depressed and didn’t want to meet anyone at first. Our staff spent time building his trust and helping him put his past behind him and eventually, he opened up and he became the sweetest, happiest dog!

“Sandy was a stray from the streets of Newark, NJ. We have no idea what made this poor dog so freaked out and scared, but for all her fears, she was so sweet when she met people. He also needed a lot of patience and reassurance from our staff and eventually started to enjoy spending time with volunteers and meeting people.

“She was like a completely different dog when other dogs were around, and she was much more confident, so it was fantastic that she was adopted with Zeus who can help her adjust to her new home.”

The two puppies have now been adopted by the same family, who are committed to giving them a happy life together. An update shared by the family, appearing in the shelter’s publication, reads: “Zius and Athena have become fast friends. They play constantly and even sleep together (even though they have separate dog beds, they are often found sharing a bed) .

“Athena is adjusting really well and is really starting to come out of her shell. Instead of cowering when a human approaches, she is increasingly seeking to be petted or hugged and is even going as far as sleeping in bed with me for the first time recently . night. She still has her moments of fear and her brother, Zeus, is there to comfort and protect her. For example, the other day Athena started from the sounds of the printer and Zeus tried to kill printer (don’t worry, I intervened and no printers were harmed while creating this memory).

“Thank you again for helping us make this perfect match with these two wonderful dogs. They are both so much happier to have each other and live with their loving forever family.”

tied dogs they are those who have spent too much time together and will not thrive if separated. Adopting a bonded pair can make it easier for animals to adjust to their new environment and can also reduce destructive behavior because their partner’s presence reduces their stress, according to pet care experts at Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

Each year, 6.3 million pets are surrendered to US shelters, which is an average of 17,260 per day, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The number of dogs and cats taken in by pet shelters reached 46,807 in January 2023, an increase of 1,744 compared to January 2022, according to the 24Pet “Shelter Watch Report.”

Approximately 920,000 surrendered animals are euthanized each year. Shelters try to minimize euthanasia rates by promoting adoption drives, spay and neuter programs, and behavioral rehabilitation.

She’s kicking the air and screaming around for not one deserving shelter dog, but TWO!! Jupiter and Sandy have got the best home ever and we…

The post received over 1,900 likes and 204 comments on Facebook.

One user, Viv Ready-Rockriver DiGiuseppe, commented: “Congratulations and have a long and happy life together!” And Sonia Begley said: “Thank you for being so kind to these adorable babies… You really are our heroes… We love you.” Vicky Matthews added: “YES! WE BOTH ADOPTED, TOGETHER! Thank you!”

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