Taylor Swift, Kelce Bros., Barbie Movie Inspire Trending Pet Names

ON PAGE AMERICA — Before you know it, several cats within earshot may come running to the call, “Swiftie! Here kitty, kitty, kitty.” Or the command, “Kelce, fetch!” can send any number of dogs on a chase for a football or, more likely, a Frisbee or stick.

These trendy pet names were inspired by today’s ‘it’ couple – pop star Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce – and also by the other Kelce brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason. This according to the 11th annual List of top pet namesa brief analysis of customer data from Rover.com, an online pet care products business.

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In fact, the folks at Rover say Kelce is the top dog name in America. Among cat owners, Swift was the top trending name, up 133 percent from 2021, and Taylor was up 21 percent. Swiftie made the list for the first time. Cat names Este and Karma, inspired by the artist’s songs, are also popular.

References to the movie ‘Barbie’ which paint the world pink earlier this year it was also on this list. So did sports figures, comfort foods and alcohol. However, the long-time favorites prevailed.

Nationally, the top five dog names for 2023 it’s Charlie, Max, Cooper, Milo and Buddy for the men and Luna, Bella, Daisy, Lucy and Lily for the women. The most popular cat names they were not analyzed by gender at the national level. The top 10 are, respectively, Luna, Milo, Oliver, Leo, Bella, Charlie, Lily, Kitty, Lucy and Loki.

The analysis offers an encyclopedic knowledge of the names people choose for their pets.

“The names we give our pets reflect what’s happening in the world around us — from trendy TV shows, important public figures, and even social media trends,” said Kate Jaffe, trends expert at Rover, in a press release. “A lot happened in 2023 and the names we lovingly chose for our pets reflect the most memorable moments. From strong female leads to blockbuster hits, our favorite comfort foods and nostalgic pop culture icons, this year’s list suggests we’re all looking for a little extra comfort right now.”

The number of cat owners who named their felines Barbie increased by 23%, Barb increased by 93%, Allan increased by 43% and Ken increased by 1%. Greta rose 18%, a reference to “Barbie” director Greta Gerwig. Ken is up 79% for dogs, and the Mattel dog name appeared on the list for the first time.

Other celebrity names trending in 2023 include Wednesday (Adams) and Rapinoe and Dunn, referring to members of the US Women’s World Cup Team. Rapinoe and her wife, WNBA icon Sue Bird, were new to the list.

The names many of us grew up with are still popular. Alanis (Morissette) is up 547 percent, Drew Barrymore is up 297 percent for Dogs and Ginger Spice is up 47 percent for Dogs, along with the Spice Girl, who is new to the list this year. Also new to the list are dogs named Leonardo Dogcaprio, Shania Twain, Richard Gere, Fergie, Shakira and Arvil.

Jewell is up 64 percent from last year for the Dogs, a nod to WNBA star Jewell Lloyd of the Seattle Storm. Others are the Celtic for Boston’s NBA team, the Mariner for Seattle’s MLB team, and the Eagle for Philadelphia’s NFL team.

Trae — either MLB’s Trae Turner or NBA’s Young — is trending, along with Lamb, namesake of NFL’s CeeDee Lamb, and Field, named after NFL’s Justin Fields.

Names like Twitter, Elon and Musk, all on the rise, reflect technology. Threads, the Instagram innovation, appeared on the list for the first time, along with artificial intelligence, which increased by 97% for dogs.

People also name their pets after alcohol The name Beer increased 330 percent for dogs last year. Among cats, Prosecco increased by 793 percent.

Food-related dog names on the rise include Green Bean, Cheerios, S’More and Tiramisu. Some new ones for dogs are Gogurt, Pop-Tart, Cornichon, Pudding Pop, Pupsi, Sojuu, Bubble Gum, Breadcrumb, Chili Cheese, Chocoflan , Eggsy Benedict and Everything Bagel.

New cat names include Maple Syrup, Pastrami, Calzone, Burrata, Boursin and Provolone.

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