Purina Cat Chow celebrates 60th anniversary with release of book “60 Years. 60 Stories”

This year, Purina® Cat Chow® marks its 60th anniversary as a trusted provider of cat nutrition, celebrating the essential bond between cats and their owners. To celebrate this milestone, Cat Chow asked cat lovers to share their stories of how cats have positively impacted their lives. Out of thousands of entries, 60 were selected and compiled into the new book,60 Years. 60 Stories: Celebrating the Extraordinary Impact of Cats”, with a foreword by the famous actress and singer, Maddy Moore. The book is available for purchase now at CatChow.com/60Years.

In this unique collection, 60 personal stories from cat owners across the country highlight the profound impact cats have had on their lives. From Annie, the cat who comforts a young cancer patient, Gypsy, the source of strength during her owner’s panic attacks, to ‘Samson the Magnificent’, the resting-faced cat who became a companion for an empty nester , thousands have shared stories of amazing cats who provide comfort and joy in times of need – all without saying a word.

“I look at my three cats – Fig, Olivia and Peanut – and feel so grateful for the love and companionship they’ve given me over the years,” Moore said. “Cats have a wonderful way of making our lives better and these 60 stories really bring that to life. It’s a heartwarming book and I’m honored to help Cat Chow celebrate the incredible impact cats have on us.”

Mandy Moore and Purina Cat Chow have teamed up to celebrate Cat Chow’s 60th anniversary with the creation of the new commemorative book, “60 Years, 60 Stories: Celebrating the Extraordinary Impact of Cats” available now through December 31 at CatChow.com/60Years. Proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit Pet Partners, the leading non-profit organization for registering volunteer animal therapy groups.

The holiday gift that gives back
The book ’60 Years, 60 Stories’ is available now to buy via December 31, 2023and all proceeds from book sales will directly benefit Pet Partners, the leading non-profit organization for registering volunteer animal therapy groups and initiatives such as their Read with Me™ program, which helps children develop literacy skills as they practice to read therapy animals, including cats.

Cat Chow will also donate an extra $60,000 to Pet Partners to help recruit and support more cat therapy groups and raise awareness of the therapeutic and emotional benefits of cats.

To purchase a copy of “60 Years. 60 Stories’, visit catchhow.com/60years.

About Nestlé Purina PetCare
Nestlé Purina PetCare creates richer lives for pets and the people who love them. Founded in 1894, Purina has helped dogs and cats live longer and healthier lives by offering science-based nutritional innovations. Purina makes some of the most trusted and popular pet care products in the world, including Purina ONE, Pro Plan, Fancy Feast and Tidy Cats. Our more than 10,000 partners in the US take pride in the trusted brands of pet food, treats and litter that feed 46 million dogs and 68 million cats each year. Purina’s more than 500 scientists, veterinarians and pet care experts ensure our commitment to unsurpassed quality and nutrition.

Purina promotes responsible pet care through our scientific research, our products and our support of pet-related organizations. Over the past five years, Purina has contributed more than 150 million dollars to organizations that bring and keep people and pets together, and to those that help our communities and our environment thrive.

Purina is part of Nestlé, a global leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness. For more information, visit purina.com the register here to receive the latest Purina news.

About Pet Partners

Pet Partners is the pet therapy industry leader in volunteer group registration. Since 1977, we’ve supported thousands of groups in making millions of meaningful visits across the country and around the world. Through the human-animal bond, we can improve the physical, social and emotional lives of both the humans and animals involved. Pet Partners supports volunteer groups by offering the highest quality preparation, an unparalleled assessment and registration approach – for nine different animal types and a focus on connections. We highlight the importance of visiting therapy animals and our teams help create a healthier and happier world for us all. Whether you have a pet or not, learn more about sharing the human-animal bond by paying a visit petpartners.org.


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