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For pet owners, it can be stressful to leave our animals behind, whether we’re traveling for business or pleasure. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a friend or relative willing to watch Fido, it’s hard not to worry about what could go wrong. This concern is heightened when you leave your precious pet with a stranger at a pet facility. “When you leave your dog at a boarding facility, his life is in someone else’s hands,” she said Victoria Schadefactor for Covetrus Great Pet Care.

Shade noted that 23% of Americans prefer to vacation during the winter, underscoring the importance of finding a safe, affordable and reliable boarding facility for your pet. As an experienced dog trainer, pet book author and pet care professional, she has some tips for finding the right fit for your four-legged friends. Here are three of her tips.

Ask if your dog is eligible for boarding at a hotel or pet daycare. “It’s critical to do your research, find the right facility for your dog, and prepare your dogs properly for their new situation,” she said. If your dog doesn’t like playing with other dogs or gets defensive, a group play option may not be the best. But if your dog is very social and doesn’t like to be left alone, a setup with too many rest and reset breaks may not work well.

Visit the facility before committing. And before you plan a tour, be sure to go online and create your shortlist based on what you see like a clean and safe environment, interesting activities, and positive reviews

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Schade advises asking what the dog-to-staff ratio is during the day. A good dog to staff ratio is 10:1 and no more than 15:1. Ask about staff expertise, health requirements and what the location’s incident review process is.

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