Pet Rescue offers temporary animal care to families in crisis

TUCSON, Arizona. (KGUN) — A Phoenix-area organization has expanded into Tucson over the past year to help pets and their owners in crisis.

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue started in 2008, its foster care program helps pet owners who may be experiencing financial hardship, homelessness, or medical emergencies by offering temporary foster care for their dog or cat.

Yarelli Lopez, the Foster Coordinator for Lost Our Home said, “We want to give families the resources to keep their pets at home. That way, we take the pets for 90 days and place them in temporary housing until the pet parents can get back on their feet.”

In the end the goal is for the pet and its owner to be reunited after the 90 day period.

Pet owners can request a 30-day extension if needed after the initial 90-day period has expired. If the owner is still unable to care for it after this, then the pet will be put up for adoption by the organization.

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