Why We Struggle With Discipline (& How To Improve)

Why we struggle with discipline (and how to improve)

Struggling with discipline is a frustratingly common obstacle for many seeking progress and self-improvement. Despite strong intentions, most New Year’s resolutions to develop better fitness or work habits soon fail. Deficits in willpower resulting from avoidance preferences and decision fatigue make establishing consistent routines difficult. However, motivation and persistence are possible by understanding the underlying…

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New Year’s crafts for children

New Year’s Eve is a huge global holiday – one that can especially fill children with festive energy as they crank up the noise at home and perhaps stay up late past their bedtime. As part of the preparation for the big night, kids can also take part in the preparation, which can include making…

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Don’t waste your energy trying to change others: focus on personal growth

Don’t Waste Your Energy Trying to Change Others: Focusing on Personal Growth – Mel Robbins Mel Robbins takes a deep dive into the importance of acceptance in relationships with others. It emphasizes the need to understand others’ limitations, focus on personal development and manage expectations. Also, knowledge about how to effectively direct energy towards self-improvement…

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