November’s Top 10 Pet Food Titles

Florida state representative plans to ban farmed meat (November 23)
If passed, violators of the law could face second-degree misdemeanor charges and pay a fine of up to $1,000.

NineFromm welcomes PhD nutritionist to R&D team (November 24)
Danielle Opetz, Ph.D., will be charged with new product research, conducting biological evaluations, spearheading technical education and acting as a liaison to industry.

Eight7 sick in Salmonella pet food-related outbreak, survey investigations (November 13)
The recall related to the outbreak includes 78 lots of dry dog ​​and cat food products across various brands.

sevenSales growth continues as Freshpet goes ‘more mainstream’ (November 7)
A promising third-quarter performance led the company to raise its full-year guidance for fiscal 2023.

SixMars Petcare unleashes innovation (November 10)
The company opened its doors to showcase the latest innovations and initiatives in its confectionery, food and pet care brands.

FiveThe pet treats production line shows processing in action (November 9)
Eleven equipment, technology and service providers were featured in the live pet coin production line at Process Expo 2023.

Four Women in the Pet Industry: Meet Katie Spies of Maev (November 8)
This mechanical engineer turned pet entrepreneur has set out to change the way people feed their dogs.

ThreeGeneral Mills gets pet supplement brand (November 10)
Fera Pets will be integrated into General Mills’ new growth equity, which aims to acquire, scale and accelerate “strategically aligned businesses.”

TwoPost Holdings will inject up to $100 million into pet food businesses in 2024 (November 20)
The company is already realizing benefits from its recent entry into the pet food category, but there is still work to be done to fully integrate and optimize the new segment.

AState of the US Pet Food and Grooming Industry, 2023 (November 7)
Market researchers and industry experts share the latest trends, opportunities and category sales data for dog and cat food in the United States.

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