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Bengaluru: As a pet parent of three dogs, startup co-founder Vani Aiyer VETiNSTANT, was familiar with the discomfort and stress that canines experience at the vet’s office. However, it wasn’t until the dog she got for her brother-in-law Vivek Srinivas started suffering from chronic skin problems that the duo started thinking of ways to monitor their pets’ health from home.
“We worked constantly, especially Vivek, who is a chartered accountant. He was constantly looking for solutions to keep an eye on his dog at home. We kept talking about ideas about how to better manage our dogs’ health and how invasive it all was for the poor animal,” he said, explaining the uncomfortable rectal inserts and tongue clipping involved in taking vitals.
“When it’s a puppy, it’s a one-inch insert to take the temperature… with a puppy that small! Similarly, for SpO2 (oxygen saturation), you have to cut out the dog’s tongue,” he explained.
Srinivas, Vani and Rajkumar S, the startup’s product development manager, started working two years ago and have now invented a device that is a non-invasive, non-anesthetic and painless way to measure vital signs in dogs at home. The size of a TV remote control, the device — EXAMINATION — costs Rs 6,500 and allows pet parents take their dog’s temperature via external anal contact in less than a minute.
It can also measure oxygen saturation when held in the ear. Heart rate and listening can be done simply by pressing the device on a dog’s belly. Data obtained from EXAMD along with other information about the dog’s condition can be uploaded to VETiNSTANT’s ‘woofnosis’ app. This data can be accessed by the dog’s veterinarian to make diagnoses and prescribe medications more accurately, solving the problem of lack of accurate data during online or teleconsultations.
The product has been tested on over 1,500 dogs at the Pondicherry Veterinary University, showing over 99% accuracy in its measurements. Testing is still ongoing, but pre-orders opened four weeks ago. The company has also started testing the device on cats and cattle, hoping to release ‘mownosis’ and ‘moonosis’ apps in the future, respectively.
EXAMD was showcased at the recent PanIIT World of Technology, a technology fest organized by IIT alumni in the city.
“There is a need for infrastructure, for organization, for better management of animal health care. Animals come last on everyone’s mind, but if you want a sustainable future and a self-sustaining environment, you need to invest in both domestic and wild animals, and one way to do that is to get involved in healthcare.” , Vani said. .
— Mahima Nagaraju

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