New Year’s crafts for children

New Year’s Eve is a huge global holiday – one that can especially fill children with festive energy as they crank up the noise at home and perhaps stay up late past their bedtime. As part of the preparation for the big night, kids can also take part in the preparation, which can include making DIY hats, confetti poppers and glitter bubble wands. Other New Year’s crafts can encourage kids (and adults!) to think about where they’ve been and where they’re going in the new year — and remind them to have hopes and dreams for the new year.

Whether the kids are asleep hours before the ball drops (maybe after a fake early countdown…shhh!) or they’re bouncing off the living room walls at midnight, these 11 New Year’s crafts for kids can help you get the party started early . the enthusiastic children who insist on staying up — or both. And no matter when you decide to break out the craft supplies, these projects will provide plenty of artistic entertainment, joy, and companionship from now through December 31st — and well into the new year.

1. End the year with a stick of beans

New Year's crafts for children
Image via Happy Toddler Playtime

Kids will think you’re the belle of the New Year’s ball when you let them blow it up with these easy, yet adorable sparkling noises from Happy playtime for toddlers. Follow these step by step instructions to help everyone transition from “Jingle Bells” to the sounds of the new year starting in early 2024. (In other words, you might hear those bells ringing for days before — and after — the ball drops.)

2. Create a shooting star banner

New Year's crafts for childrenNew Year's crafts for children
Image via Hello, Wonderful

Artfully encourage kids to say “Happy New Year” with this star-studded toy accordion banner craft from Hello, Awesome. All you need are some basic art supplies, dowels or straws (depending on the size of the stars you’re cutting and decorating), a hot glue gun (best left to the adults!), creativity and some glitter to fill the wishes your New Year with color and sparkle. It’s the perfect festive message to give to a loved one.

3. Paint fireworks with recyclable rollers

New Year's crafts for childrenNew Year's crafts for children
Image via Best Ideas for Kids

This fireworks from The best ideas for kids packs a colorful punch — and ensures you keep up with your recycling breakdowns. The easy way starts with helping little ones cut slits in those used toilet paper or paper towel rolls — then letting them dip and dip in the paint and glitter (which is perfect even for preschoolers ). Maybe you can swap out the red, white and blue theme for more colors (glitters included!) and then hang your creations for the perfect New Years backdrop.

4. Connect the dream flags

New Year's crafts for childrenNew Year's crafts for children
Image via The Artful Parent/Instagram

Make the end of a year and the beginning of a new year meaningful with a hearty craft banner from The Artful Parentwhich encourages children (and you!) to think goals and wishes for the new year. (Little ones might find it easier to think of who they love and activities they want to do with them. More sleepovers at Grandma’s, please!) Each person decorates a triangle to represent that thought, then tie them together (following the directions found in the Artful Parent’s Instagram) to create an ambitious souvenir to admire.

5. Personalize your New Year’s Eve party hats

New Year's crafts for childrenNew Year's crafts for children
Image via Artsy-Fartsy Mama

Take a page from Artsy-Fartsy MamaNew Year’s style by styling these fun party hats which is the perfect accessory for a New Year (or New Years). Start with one of three (or all three!) designs from the website’s printable party hat download, then follow the instructions to color, assemble with the help of adults (as suggested by a scoring tool) and decorate with pom poms, glitter, sequins — or whatever the kids want to make the party hats pop.

6. Form pipe cleaners into bubble bars

New Year's crafts for childrenNew Year's crafts for children
Image via Red Ted Art

No, no such thing! These DIY Pipe Cleaner Bubble Sticks from Red Ted Art — formed by seamlessly wrapping a pipe cleaner around a cookie cutter — are for real bubble-blowing. It’s another craft that’s fun—and, for kids, sheer magic to use—as the instructions include a recipe for homemade bubbles. (Just make them well before the sun goes down—or save them for New Year’s—if you’d rather the kids keep the bubbles out.)

7. Design your own disco ball

New Year's crafts for childrenNew Year's crafts for children
Image via Rachelle from Little Creative Makers/Instagram

You don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve for a dance party (or to see the ball drop) when you can make your own disco ball to groove at any time. To transform an ordinary 12-inch circular piece of cardboard into one that sparkles, Rachelle of small creative makers tells Care that you’ll need to draw a grid on the cardboard and then cut shapes out of foil and holographic card that match the grid shapes on the circle. Arrange the cutouts in an alternating pattern, glue on (no mess!) and crank up the tunes for the last dance (or one of many) before the New Year.

8. Make exploding paper fireworks

New Year's crafts for childrenNew Year's crafts for children
Image via Kids Craft Room

Who needs to see fireworks at midnight when you can make kid-friendly fireworks at home?! Children’s craft room use a wooden spoon and ribbons to create one pop-up fireworks craft This is fun – and safe – for both kids and adults to try. Of course, half the fun is making the craft and the other half is making it work. Try creating the display while singing “Firework” or making some noises — and you’ll soon be counting down to sunset.

9. (Fingerprint in a winter wonderland

New Year's crafts for childrenNew Year's crafts for children
Image via Projects with Kids

Celebrate the season (new year, winter itself!) with this one tree painting craft from Works with children. Not only does it ask kids to use cotton balls (instead of a brush) to make fluffy snow, but it lets them dip their fingers in red paint to create an adorable red bird. The bird not only adds a personal touch – but some believe that red cardinals are associated with hope, luck and a connection to the past. Talk about New Years symbolism!

10. Count down with a DIY confetti popper

New Year's crafts for childrenNew Year's crafts for children
Image via Happiness is Homemade

Stock up on a few extra rolls of toilet paper and head to Happiness is homemade for instructions on how to use a balloon with ease make a confetti popper. And if confetti isn’t your thing (rather messy!), then this craft also works with pom poms. It’s the perfect play to break out before the ball drops or during one Noon New Year’s Eve festival.

11. Wish on a homemade nature stick

New Year's crafts for childrenNew Year's crafts for children
Image via earth_and_sky_play/Instagram

Anna Knight, the creator behind the Instagram account earth_and_sky_playsuggests getting all those loose parts from others winter crafts and combining them to create one star-shaped stick you’ll want to bring with you into the new year. Gather some cardboard (the little ones will definitely need help cutting and shaping) and clear sticky back paper, as well as sticks, twine and other equipment (her kids used orange peels!) and watch her great little how-to roll. Of course, this craft certainly isn’t just for little ones, as we could all use a reminder to make our wishes and hope for a little magic to help us as we head into 2024.

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