My husband thinks there is a limit to what we should spend on pet care… I disagree

DEAR ANNE: I have had dogs all my life and I treat them like members of my family. When they are sick, they go to the vet and get the medicine they need. I have spent thousands of dollars on surgeries for my dogs and recently hundreds more on blood tests and evaluations for separate issues.

My husband thinks it is ridiculous that we spend so much money on animal care and thinks there is a limit to what we should spend on our “pets” before we basically allow them to die. Do you think we should have limits on what we spend on veterinary care for our family members? How do you make the decision to stop spending money on them when they have so much more life to live? Thanks for your advice. –Unlimited love

PET LIMIT: Each person has a different threshold for the dollar amount they are willing to spend on a pet. In the future, it probably makes sense to discuss what that number is before getting an animal with a partner. Consider your financial situation and your pet’s chances of recovery when having these discussions.



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