Montgomery Animal Care is working to reunite dogs and cats with families after the tornado

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – About a dozen dogs and cats are homeless after a tornado in Clarksville displaced them from their families on Saturday.

It’s been a big week for some tail wagging friends. Some are shy, defensive and a little curious as they wait at Montgomery Animal Care and Control.

“We had about 30 of them come from the area where the tornado hit,” said Samantha Crosby, Adoption Coordinator.

So far this week, she and the staff have been able to find owners for 20 dogs. About 10 are still in cages at the center with a sign out front saying they were displaced by their families after Saturday’s storm.

“We still have some that have been here where either the families just don’t have a place to go,” Crosby said. “Maybe they’re staying with a family member where maybe they can’t have a dog or they just haven’t had the resources to know the pet is still here.”

No one can adopt dogs with a tornado badge on their kennel. Owners must show a photo of their dog with date, microchip and vet records.

“Between the community and our officers, they work every day to find these pets,” Crosby said.

For all dog owners, she said this tornado taught them how beneficial microchipping is. It allows families to be reunited with their pets, which people like Crosby love to see.

“I get quite emotional and tear up a lot every time I see them coming back with their family because I just couldn’t imagine it,” she said. “It didn’t touch me, but I could only imagine what they went through.”

The Montgomery Animal Care and Control Center also accepts donations of pet supplies to give other families and their own dogs and cats shelter.

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