Modern Animal is expanding its new approach to pet care to Dallas with the opening of the Addison Clinic

Caring for the well-being of our pets just got a whole lot easier in Dallas. Modern animala network of integrated veterinary clinics that makes pet care affordable, flexible and enjoyable for everyone involved, has expanded its footprint in Dallas with the opening of its second clinic in Addison.

At Modern Animal, owners receive end-to-end support from a dedicated care team that is always up-to-date on their pet’s health, history and needs. Owners can easily book an appointment on the Modern Animal website or directly in the Modern Animal app. The app also acts as a central hub where owners can manage all of their pet’s needs, from storing health records or refilling prescriptions to seeking 24/7 virtual care for questions and concerns. Communication between doctors and practice staff with pet owners is consistent and seamless through the app.

Pet owners can pay $199 per year per pet and enjoy free exams, discounted services and on-demand video consultations. Pay-as-you-go is also an option, with exams costing a flat fee of $80 with this model.

Regardless, everyone has access to one of the most valuable features Modern Animal offers: 24/7 virtual care. With virtual care, owners can review questions and concerns with a professional familiar with their pet’s records through the Modern Animal app. If an in-person visit is required, owners can make an appointment themselves at any Modern Animal clinic and for time-sensitive issues, enjoy the peace of mind that there is special availability to see their pet urgently.

Located in the vibrant Prestonwood Place shopping centre, Addison continues Modern Animal’s philosophy of creating spaces purposefully designed to replace stress with comfort for both pets and owners. A warm and welcoming reception area (without the front desk phone ringing away) gives way to exam rooms where owners are welcome to join their pets for routine checkups and procedures. Every inch of the space was designed with Modern Animal’s commitment to transparent pet care in mind.

Addison follows Lakewood, Modern Animal’s first Texas location that opened in August, and both will join the Park Cities in mid-2024.

While visiting the vet has long been associated with stress, sterile clinical environments, cryptic prices and other terrible reasons, Modern Animal is flipping the script to provide an experience that prioritizes pets and owners for the benefit and of two.

To celebrate the opening of the Addison Clinic, Modern Animal is offering D Magazine readers 50% off an annual subscription for up to 3 pets for one year with the code MODERNDMAG. Join Modern Animal’s today Web page!

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