Maryland’s first black-owned comprehensive care, IV hydration and therapy practice opens

Mrs. Tameka G. Anthony, Certified Registered Nurse and IV Hydration Specialist, is opening a new holistic care practice, Wellness Cube LLC.

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Nationwide – Mrs. Tameka G. Anthony, owner, certified registered nurse and IV hydration specialist, announces the opening of a new holistic care practice Wellness Cube LLC at 9131 Piscataway Road, Suite 150, Clinton, Maryland. The new practice focuses on mind, body and spirit, including IV nutritional vitamin therapy, wellness visits, weight loss programs, diabetes education, as well as mental health education. The company’s mission is to alleviate and reduce the need for frequent relapses, possible sepsis and/or latent recovery due to post-operative complications and dehydration.

“When you suffer a physical injury, trauma, or burn, IV nutritional supplementation is extremely important because inflammation, oxidative stress, and physical/emotional/mental stress increase,” says Tameka. “Before and after surgery, IV nutritional supplements are given to reduce bruising, swelling, inflammation, pain, scars and infections as a proven method of optimizing perioperative nutrition. Therefore, IV nutritional supplements improve wound healing and recovery time, which is our primary goal.”

Wellness Cube LLC also welcomes certified mental health coach, international speaker, author and minister Kish Battle Houston from Wellness with Rain offer mental health education for youth, families and adults struggling with anxiety, depression and relationship challenges. “My primary goal is to help the client see what they’re working toward and make it feel possible, not scary. However, coaches must be honest. If my client is not working hard enough or has a goal that is unrealistic, a successful mental health coach will guide them with realistic and measurable goals,” says Coach Kish.

New patients have already benefited from receiving their IV nutritional vitamin therapy, and wellness is currently gearing up for cold and flu season with the launch of a brand new immune hydration boost and additional wellness B12 shots to help boost the immune system, fight lethargy, and speed up metabolism. Wellness Cube understands the importance of educating the community on the most effective ways to care for the body, mind and spirit with the addition of wellness consultations, vitamin supplement advice and a recovery program to complement their lifestyle needs. The couple recently hosted a wellness symposium to discuss common factors affecting women’s health in the community.

About Wellness Cube LLC
Founded in 2022, The Wellness Cube, LLC has over 20 years of experience in healthcare. Their medical team is equipped to evaluate and create customized recovery and/or maintenance plans for a patient’s most common medical needs. They offer many elite services such as IV hydration, wellness injections, herbal magnesium body wraps, customized weight loss plans, and conservative Botox is also available. Learn more at

About Wellness-with-Kish
Founded in 2023, Wellness-with-Kish is a sister company of Relationships Matter International offering life, mental development and relationship counseling in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Wellness-with-Kish provides a comprehensive suite of mental health and wellness services to increase self-confidence and offer support for health and wellness challenges. Coach Kish works closely with clients to achieve measurable results with personality assessments, proven techniques, and personalized self-improvement workbooks. Learn more at

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