Lizzo shares thoughts on new music and self-improvement –

According to NME, Lizzo shared on online platforms to announce her ongoing music project, as well as her personal journey and struggles with confidence, which she intends to share with the public. The pop singer took to her official Instagram page to share a photo of herself gracefully posing in the bathroom, taking this opportunity to open up and connect with her fans. Starting with a warm greeting, the caption that accompanied the post read: “Hi.”

It also said, “I’m working on… music, myself, relationships with people and food, my anxiety, my body, my work, and my trust issues in the world… but now they’re deep, deeper than they’ve ever been.” Xoxo”

Weeks after her lawyers filed for discard legal action brought against her by her former backup dancers, she has now provided an update on her mental well-being and professional endeavours. Three former dancers who once performed with the singer filed a lawsuit in August, accusing her of fostering a hostile workplace atmosphere and engaging in acts of sexual harassment. The alleged incidents are said to have taken place over a two-year period, from 2021 to 2023. Lizzo has responded to the lawsuit brought against her by her former dancers, dismissing it as a “made-up sob story” while simultaneously filing her own motion to court his dismissal.

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