Live life or liver? Orry’s quirky way of setting social media on fire

Living life or liver? Orry's quirky comment ignites social media

Orhan Awatramani or Orry, an internet sensation known for appearing alongside various celebrities in viral pictures, has captured the attention of social media once again. This time, his newfound fame stems from a comment he made during a recent interview, where he referred to himself as a ‘liver’.

Intriguingly, Orry explained his perspective by drawing a parallel with conventional labels: ‘If you go looking for a job, you’re a job dealer. You paint, you are a painter. I live, I am the liver. Yes, I am the liver’, he declared during the interview. He then described his journey of personal growth, highlighting his commitment to self-improvement through activities such as going to the gym, engaging in self-reflection, practicing yoga, and indulging in massages. “I work, but I work on myself,” he added.

The term ‘liver’ in Orry’s comment sparked internet curiosity and humor because it could be interpreted in two ways — either as a reference to an internal organ or as an expression of life. This double meaning sparked a meme fest on various platforms, most notably on X (formerly known as Twitter), where netizens responded creatively to Orry’s unconventional self-description. As a result, the term ‘liver’ became popular on X, generating a wave of amusing messages and memes on Wednesday.

Orry, a familiar face at many Bollywood parties, often seen in the company of stars, remains an online enigma. Netizens are persistently investigating the mystery of Orry—trying to discover who he is, what his occupation is, and how he acquired his celebrity connections.

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