“Lisbon Heights” in Alta de Lisboa starts construction with 65% of sales

Launched on the market at the end of 2022, “Lisbon Heights” started the construction process in November, a project carried out by Ferreira Build Power, with scheduled completion at the end of 2025. The apartments are for sale and the villas will be available in January 2024

Sales now amount to 65% of the units, with a total investment of over 40 million euros expected. In January 2024, the sale of available Villas will resume, after a period in which only apartments were sold, as a matter of strategy.

Henrique Rodrigues da Silva, COO of the Norfin Group, states that “starting the construction phase with 65% of the units sold makes us very excited. This is a differentiating project that will surely be another reference in Alta de Lisboa, contributing significantly to the continued expansion and revitalization of this area of ​​the city.”

Located in a former Quinta no Lumiar, the Lisbon Heights private condominium will occupy an area of ​​approximately 20,000 m2, consisting of 95 residential units: 13 houses, from V1 to V5, with private gardens and 82 apartments, from T0 to T4.

“”Lisbon Heights” stands out from other projects in Lisbon, firstly because of its green spaces, but also – and this is what makes it special, because of the traditional design of pre-existing buildings (19th century) integrated into a modern design” , explains José Luís Ferreira, Director of Norfin Serviços and responsible for the project.

The development benefits from a prime location, with close proximity to schools, parks and services. It has a parking space for all units, offers privacy, in addition to green spaces, and an abundance of amenities that promote the comfort and well-being of its residents. Among them, there are work and leisure areas such as the work area, sky lounge, swimming pool, gym and even a pet care station, car wash and CTT lockers.

With an architectural project under his responsibility Intergaup“Lisbon Heights” is managed by Norfin Serviços. The project spans three plots and consists of the rehabilitation of Villas with 1 to 3 floors above ground and the construction of apartments on 5 floors above ground.

The project also has a private garden of approximately 6,000 m2.

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