Kmart shoppers warned of ‘dangerous’ Christmas dog treats

Australian pet owners have been warned about the dangers of Christmas-themed ingredients dog delicacies sold at Kmartwhich experts say range from unhealthy to potentially fatal. Pet Drs Therapeutic Pet Care raised the issue during the budget retailer’s selection of holiday dog ​​gifts.

Grace Thadani of Pet Drs gave Kmart’s dog toys the thumbs up, but said foods like a 25-count stocking of Dog Treat contain “some of the worst ingredients” for furry friends, including wheat, dextrose, sugar, soy and rawhide. of which can cause suffocation.

Kmart Christmas Dog Treats

Kmart’s Christmas dog treats contain some controversial ingredients. Source: TikTok/@petdrs

“Please don’t give it to your dog,” Thandani urged while holding up an ANKO Rawhide Dino Bone in a recent Tik Tok video. He also said that ANKO Dog Christmas Cookies “might look cute” but “there’s not a single good ingredient in it.”

Kirra Graham, director of Pet Drs, told Yahoo News Australia that while she is a “Kmart lover”, she thinks the store’s dogs are treated very unhealthy. “I know some people will argue that it’s just ‘a treat,’ but there are so many small brands on the market that provide high-quality options that are safer for our pets,” she said. “Obesity is one of the most common diseases among pets and unfortunately treatments like this don’t help the cause.”

“Dogs are omnivores, meaning they eat meat and tolerate small amounts of fruits and vegetables. I can guarantee that a dog would rather eat a tasty treat of dehydrated beef than a treat made of wheat,” he told Yahoo.

Rawhide ‘one of the worst things’

“In terms of rawhide – this goes to anyone who sells rawhide – these treats are probably one of the worst things ever created for dogs,” Graham explained. “Rawhide is particularly dangerous as it is a by-product of the leather industry. The animal’s skin is removed, washed and impregnated with chemicals and then separated. The first layer goes to the leather industry and the second layer creates rawhide. From there, it is impregnated and again with chemicals, dyes and preservatives, with formaldehyde being a common use’.

Graham said rawhide is not beneficial for dental or gut health and should be avoided at all costs. “You’ll notice that the finished rawhide product is quite tough. Once chewed by the dog, it becomes chewy, making it prone to blockages and choking.”

Grace Thanani and Kira Graham with a dog in a Santa hatGrace Thanani and Kira Graham with a dog in a Santa hat

Grace Thadani and Kirra Graham of Pet Drs spoke about the dangers of rawhide. Source: Supplier

Vet backs up rawhide claims

Dr Emma Wilkie, emergency vet for SASH (Specialty Small Animal Hospital) at Sydneyhe said while most of the ingredients are listed at Kmart’s Dog treats are safeagrees that they are not nutritionally complete or “healthy” and should be likened to junk food in humans.

“The exception to this is rawhide, which poses a risk of choking or esophageal obstruction due to the slipperiness and difficulty for some dogs to break into small pieces. It is recommended that pets be supervised when given rawhide treats .case they have some difficulty,” Wilkie explained to Yahoo.

Kmart is facing health problems

In response to the claims made in the Pet Drs video, a Kmart spokesperson told Yahoo, “Our pet treats are designed to be treats. As with all pet products, we can encourage owners to make informed choices based on what’s right for their pet.” Meanwhile, the instructions for use on the rawhide items state that “long-lasting treats require responsible supervision to ensure adequate chewing.”

More Christmas dangers for dogs

The biggest concern at Christmas, according to Wilkie, is pets consuming ingredients that are toxic to dogs, such as chocolate, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, garlic and onions. “If your pet has eaten any of these products, contact a veterinarian for advice on next steps,” she advises.

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