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year of the self

In 2024, The year of myself is poised to become a focal point for Generation Z, reflecting the collective desire for personal evolution. This rise in self-improvement aspirations likely stems from increased awareness of mental well-being, social change and the digital era that encourages introspection, experts say. “It symbolizes resilience and adaptability in dealing with life’s complexities. The trend signifies a generation’s commitment to holistic development and a proactive approach to mental health,” said Dr. Ankita Priydarshini, Consultant Psychiatrist and Behavioral Medicine and Founder and Clinical Head – Thriving Minds, Dehradun.

According to Instagram’s 2024 GenZ Trends Report, 43 percent hoped 2024 would be their age of self-improvement — a year to invest in themselves personal growth and development. Bumble’s annual report also states that it will be the ‘year of yourself’.

2024 is poised to be the year of the self as individuals increasingly recognize the key role of self-improvement in shaping their future, says Psychiatrist Dr. Sonal Anand, Wockhardt Hospitals Mira Road. “A confluence of social change, technological innovation and a collective yearning for purpose sets the stage for a transformative period where personal development takes center stage,” said Dr. Sonal.

Saurabh Bothra, CEO, Habuild believes that Gen Z is the first generation to grow up with constant access to information, online and offline. “And information is inspiration! This makes them the most aware group on the planet, with a deeper understanding of mental health, self-care and personal development,” said Bothra.

During the last decade, the global market has emphasized and even demonstrated the concept of abundance. “People have access to creating experiences and memories. Which created the foundation for own development. People could break the barriers of self-limiting behaviour,” shared Seema Rekha, Director, Antarmanh Consulting.

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loneliness Instead of defining what you want to achieve in 2024, decide what habits you want to start building (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Also, after the pandemic, the meaning of success has changed, according to Seema. “It is no longer limited to career, success and money. People have realized that creating wealth is something to be nurtured. “Health is wealth” is what was said in the scriptures a thousand years ago and adapted by the second youngest generation. They have learned to balance their own life choices. They have started investing their time, energy and efforts to create wealth, be it investment or real wealth i.e. health,” said Seema.

How could you describe the ‘Year of Yourself’?

Extremely open environments have been overwhelming for young people in recent years where they are somewhere scared of relationships, whether it’s with partners or parents and family — “everything seems fragile to them and making extra and consistent efforts 24×7 to be perfect is exhausted their energy”. “Self-discovery helps an individual to know their values, ideological beliefs and even needs. Knowing yourself and prioritizing self-development gives clarity. Earlier, the special period of Covid gave enough time to delve into ourselves, which was unclear, but now the new year will bring enough opportunities for self-development,” expressed Seema.

As someone who has been practicing yoga for almost a decade, Saurabh believes passionately in the power of investing in yourself! “It is the only key to unlocking our greatest potential. 2024 as the ‘year of yourself’ is not just a trend. It’s a revolution! This will define our strength as a society in the coming years. It is about enhancing our physical and mental well-being,” explained Saurabh.

Obstacles that Generation Z must be aware of

Staying on the path of self-development comes with its own set of obstacles. Challenges in the year itself can include information overload, burnout and social comparison.

So there are two things:

1. Information overload – The Internet has become a menu with multiple options, which is why we are constantly wondering where to start.

“The simple solution is to start small. Instead of defining what you want to achieve in 2024, decide what habits you want to start building in the first week of January. It is more realistic and practical,” said Saurabh.

2. Comparison trap – We look at other people’s lives on social media and compare our progress with what we see on the screens. This is like moving away from self-development.

Saurabh said, “Instead, surround yourself with those who support and motivate you. Form a group, have responsible partners and keep growing.”

Combating this, Dr. Ankita said Generation Z can:

1. Digital detox: Manage screen time for mental well-being.
2. Self-compassion: Praxis self-kindness to counter social comparison.
3. Balanced goals: Avoid overly ambitious goals, focusing on achievable milestones.
4. Support networks: Make connections to solve problems together.
5. Breaks for awareness: Include short breaks for mental rejuvenation.
6. Professional boundaries: Set boundaries in your work and personal life to prevent burnout.
7. Adaptability: Embrace flexibility, adjusting goals based on evolving needs.

Proactively addressing these issues ensures a balanced and sustainable approach to personal development in 2024, said Dr. Ankita.

Ways to make the most of 2024

To maximize the Year of Self in 2024, Gen Z can adopt strategic approaches, according to Dr. Ankita

1. Goal setting: Define clear, achievable goals for personal development.
2. Mindfulness Practices: Develop self-awareness through meditation or mindfulness exercises.
3. Learning Efforts: Embrace continuous learning, acquiring new skills and knowledge.
4. Social Connection: Foster supportive communities for shared experiences of growth.
5. Tech Balance: Manage your digital consumption for a healthier mental state.
6. Professional guidance: Seek mentorship or counseling to help you deal with challenges.
7. Wellness routines: Prioritize physical health through exercise and a balanced diet.

These practices empower individuals to harness the transformative potential of 2024 for comprehensive self-improvement.

Saurabh listed three tips that can take our self-improvement journeys to the next level in 2024.

– Strive for consistency, not perfection: Instead of trying to be flawless, focus on being consistent in their endeavours. Small, regular actions add up.

for eg Instead of deciding to wake up at 6 am every day, try to wake up 5 minutes earlier tomorrow than today.

– Exercise is another word for self-improvement – The benefits of regular exercise go beyond physical fitness. Whether it’s dancing, hiking, yoga, or playing sports, physical movement promotes mental clarity.

– Media diet – Think of consuming any type of content as choosing what to eat, but for your mind! It’s about being selective about the things you see – like social media, news and TV.

“By choosing good things and taking breaks, you create space for feeling happy, better concentration and more time for the things that make you great! And remember, when personal growth and development take center stage, nothing can stop you from being successful in your personal and professional life,” said Saurabh.

So, this new year, let’s grow every day – but your way!

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