How Tulsa Vets Help Pet Owners With Urgent Care Needs

Pet urgent care centers in Tulsa are helping to address a great need for pet owners.

Tulsa is home to two veterinary urgent cares to handle pet problems that can’t wait for a regular vet appointment.

Dr. Corin Cuckler opened STATVet near 15th and South Columbia in May 2022, after 10 years working in an animal intensive care unit.

Cackler said STATVet was the first pet urgent care to open in Tulsa.

She said some common examples of pet care emergencies include minor wounds, lameness, eye injuries, vision changes or sudden changes in a pet’s behavior.

Cackler said veterinary practices have seen a significant uptick in business during the pandemic.

Places like STATVet have helped alleviate some of that burden and kept pet owners from waiting for regular appointments.

“Emergent care is so important because there is no illness or injury to your pet that will get better by waiting. The sooner you get something taken care of the less expensive it will be and the sooner your pet will feel better. That’s what urgent care is for,” Cackler explained.

Kackler said her urgent care sees 15 cases a night during the week and can see up to 30 cases on the weekends.

CLICK HERE to learn more about STATVet’s urgent pet care in Tulsa.

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