How Akshay Gupta’s Pet Fed is taking pet care to the next level

Recognized by Limca World Record as the ‘Largest Dog Carnival’, Pet Fed is all set for its 8th edition. Actor Dino Morea has joined as an investor and brand ambassador for Pet Fed.

In an exclusive interview with Adgully, Akshay Gupta, Founder, Pet Fed, talks about his venture, which started in 2014. Being the visionary behind this pet phenomenon, Akshay Gupta, whose passion for pets has driven the growth and success of Pet Fed, he says, “I envision Pet Fed as a haven for pet lovers and their beloved companions, providing meticulously designed, unique experiences that leave a lasting impact.”

What is Pet Fed? How was his trip?

Pet Fed, India’s largest pet festival, is a carnival for pets and pet lovers, spread across 3 acres of lush green land. With countless activities, workshops, stalls and all things fun and informative, we aim to strengthen the bond between you and your pets and give pet lovers who don’t have pets at home the chance to be amongst thousands of dogs . We started Pet Fed in 2014 and our journey so far has been exciting. Since the first Pet Fed, we’ve built a community to engage, interact and learn with like-minded pet parents who can come together on a common platform and learn from each other and see what’s in the category for better pet parenting and celebrate the joy of pet parenthood.

Could you share information about the marketing strategies used to attract a larger audience to Pet Fed this year?

In order to reach a larger audience, we host partnerships with various brands that help us reach a wider audience that already has a niche in the pet category. With the help of engaging content, staying on top of social media trends, contests and giveaways, we engage the audience. We make sure we always have something in store for anyone who visits our social media and/or other channels, whether they are a pet parent or pet lover.

Pet Fed holds the Limca World Record for ‘Largest Dog Carnival’, how will the show be this year? What are your expectations from it?

Actually! We hold the Limca World Record for ‘Largest Dog Carnival’ and wear this badge with pride. But since receiving this honor, our vision has been upgraded to make Pet Fed not only the biggest, but the best pet festival that any pet parent can attend. Every year we expand our horizons and highlight new exciting activities, experiences and partnerships. With each year, we aim to set a new benchmark for an amazing pet festival and exceed those benchmarks the following year. Over the years, we have gathered several loyal and dedicated pet parents who visit Pet Fed every year and always come home with a fresh new experience and many happy memories.

How does Pet Fed India approach partnerships with pet-related brands and businesses to enhance the overall festival experience?

Pet Fed India is all about partnering with like-minded brands to enhance the festival vibe. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting brands that have products or services that not only help keep and care for pets, but also give our pet parents a new and exciting experience every year. One such brand is Justdogs, who have partnered with us for several seasons and have always helped us not only improve the overall festival experience, but also push the envelope to provide all our pet parents with an enriched and enjoyable experience.

Could you elaborate on any unique brand partnerships or sponsorships that will be featured at this year’s Pet Fed?

At Pet Fed India, we are always on the lookout for innovative brands that our beloved pet parents can trust. Who can provide the best nutrition, health care and lifestyle. Few such brands are Purina Supercoat from Nestle which has been a flagship in pet nutrition, Drools, one of the leading Indian brands in the pet industry, and Mankind’s Petstar, home of India’s largest pharmaceutical brand serving life since 1991. These are just some of the key brands that have worked with us. Other brands include Allana’s Bowlers, Dyson, 24×7 to name a few. Pet Fed India is ready to WOOF! this season Pet Fed.

Are there specific digital marketing campaigns planned to connect with pet owners and fanciers before the event?

Pet Fed is by pet parents, for pet parents. Our main campaign for each city is the Mascot Hunt campaign. We are hosting a week-long contest and encourage all pet parents to participate in our Mascot Hunt. With daily social media story challenges for pet parents, which not only helps us garner a large audience from the pet community, but also introduces a unique and lovable mascot, seamlessly integrating it into promotional materials, live performances and interactive activities . The mascot becomes a symbol of our festival values, fostering a sense of community and joy. Through social media campaigns and mascot-led initiatives, Pet Fed creates a memorable and engaging experience, elevating its brand presence and reinforcing its commitment to pet welfare and responsible ownership.

Could you share details about specific marketing initiatives featuring Dino Morea and how they resonate with target audiences?

Dino Morea is not only key to our marketing initiatives, but also a visionary investor in our venture since 2016. A pet advocate and pet parent himself, he perfectly aligns with our brand vision and mission. Together, Dino Morea and I have hosted more than 20+ Pet Fed Festivals in more than six cities across India, expanding to a new city every year.

What can you say about the progress made in pet care in India and the brands involved in it?

India has made remarkable progress in the pet care industry with increasing emphasis on pet welfare and growing popularity of various pet related services. India’s pet care industry has seen incremental growth, marked by increased awareness among pet owners about the importance of holistic pet well-being. Specialty pet brands have emerged, offering premium products with an emphasis on quality nutrition and grooming essentials.

The convenience of e-commerce has been instrumental in providing pet owners with easy access to a wide range of high-quality pet care items. The expansion of veterinary services, with a focus on preventive care and specialized treatments, has helped improve overall pet health management. In addition, pet adoption initiatives have gained momentum, encouraging responsible ownership. The concept of pet-friendly spaces, such as cafes and parks, has become more widespread in urban areas, reflecting a shift in social attitudes towards seeing pets as integral members of the family. Innovations in pet technology, including smart products and health monitoring devices, have further advanced the industry, making pet care more accessible, modern and comprehensive.

What does the road ahead look like for the pet industry in your opinion?

Let’s shift our focus from the term “Pet Industry” to the more inclusive “Pet Care Community.” Our goal is to foster a sense of belonging and well-being for all pets and their owners, going beyond a purely business-oriented perspective. Central to our mission is promoting education and awareness, recognizing that responsible pet care extends beyond simple adoption. It includes providing comprehensive support, addressing the physical, mental and medical needs of our companion animals. The future of the pet care community is in the hands of society, and it starts with small but impressive initiatives that result in significant achievements. By expanding initiatives such as housing benefits, organizing more adoption camps and advocating for the acceptance of pets as they are, without violent breeding or violence against stray and stray animals, we aim to guide and educate society about ethical and compassionate treatment of these. living beings.

The future of pet care looks bright! People treat their pets more like family members, so we can expect demand for better and more impressive pet products. Imagine great gadgets and tools to monitor your pet’s health! We are also moving towards becoming more environmentally friendly and kind to animals, so the pet industry can focus on sustainable and ethical practices. Taking good care of pets before they get sick and spreading awareness about responsible pet ownership will also be important. You may see more services like pet grooming and training to make sure pets are happy and healthy. All in all, the way we care for our pets is changing and it’s all about making sure our furry friends have the best life possible!

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