GROW counseling: a new horizon in personal growth and healing

GROW Counseling: A New Horizon in Personal Growth and Healing

GROW Counseling, a respected provider of mental health services, recently received the 2023 Best of Georgia Award, an honor that highlights the company’s commitment to excellence in the field of counseling. This recognition, based on the votes of satisfied clients, highlights the positive impact of GROW Counseling on the lives of many.

Founded by Dr. Wendy Dickinson (Ragland), GROW Counseling offers a range of services designed to address a variety of mental health needs. dr. Dickinson led the company to a source of support for individuals facing countless challenges. “Our goal is to help people find balance and growth in their lives,” explains Dr. Dickinson. “This recognition from our clients is incredibly humbling and motivates us to continue our work.”

The company’s services serve a diverse clientele, including individuals, couples, families and groups. They offer support for issues such as grief, depression, anxiety, relationships, addictions, eating disorders, stress management, parenting and career change. Each counseling program is tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring a personalized approach to mental health and personal development.

People seek counseling for many reasons. Some are in search of personal growth, wanting to develop into the best version of themselves. They are looking for therapists who can provide not only insight, but practical strategies and tools to deal with stress, improve leadership quality, and improve overall performance.

On the other hand, there are those who turn to counseling during challenging and stressful times in their lives. In these moments of crisis, counselors offer a beacon of hope and support. Their expertise extends to guiding clients through intense experiences such as trauma, addiction, betrayal and shame, guiding them on a path of resilience, courage and freedom.

The Best of Georgia award is not only an honor, but a reflection of the trust and efficiency that GROW Counseling has established over the years. The award highlights the company’s commitment to providing high-quality advisory services and its success in creating a positive and lasting impact on the community.

The GROW Counseling Center operates in five locations throughout the city, making its services available to a wide range of people. The 2023 Best of Georgia award is a significant achievement for GROW Counseling, marking it as a leader in its field.

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