From Consider-date to Betterment Burnout, the top dating trends for 2024

In the always stormy landscape modern dating, finding a true relationship has become even more difficult. With the ability to cast a wide net into a sea of ​​possible matches, people now have more choices than ever. To help you navigate the dating world, Bumble, the first female dating site, released its annual 2024 Dating Trends Report to gauge the dating habits and preferences of singles on the app.

While 2023 was defined by trends like Wanderlove (navigating love abroad) and Open-casting (dating outside your type), the new year should be the year of ‘me’ — with more people looking towards themselves for what they value and want.

“The idea of ​​the ‘year of the self’ highlights a broader sociological shift towards individual autonomy,” suggests relationship expert Aashmeen Munjaal. “These days, dating is about more than just finding a partner in the process, it’s about discovering who you are. People are exploring the dating scene with the intention of highlighting personal development, deep connections and appreciation of uniqueness.”

According to Bumble’s 2024 Relationship Trends, people are now prioritizing self-reflection and personal considerations in their relationships more than ever — a transformative period where singles are rejecting the constant need for perfection, rejecting outdated timelines and challenging ’employment’.

Entering 2024, more than half (59 percent) of Indian women respondents enter the new year with a clear view of what they want from their romantic life.

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Bumble India communications director Samarpita Samaddar said in a statement, “2024 will usher in a year of self-discovery, with Indians themselves being able to prioritize their values ​​and set clear boundaries in their romantic lives.”

Here are the top dating trend predictions

Bumble Dating Trends 2024 Find out what the main dating trends are in 2024 (Source: Freepik)

Val-Core Dating: In a world increasingly focused on shared values, the rise of Val-Core compounds demonstrates the importance of active involvement in social causes. Bumble research reveals that 25 percent of individuals consider a partner’s involvement in politics and social issues to be a key factor in attraction. Human rights issues top the list of social causes most important to Indians singleswith 64 percent expressing this preference.

Betterment Burnout: The era of constant self-improvement is giving way to a rebellion against the pressure to optimize every aspect of life. A significant 68 percent of women worldwide actively seek gratification in the present, and 56 percent of Indian women only consider partners who accept them as they are.

Intuitive Intimacy: Emotional intimacy takes center stage as individuals prioritize safety, security and understanding in relationships. For 35 percent of single men in India, emotional intimacy is more important than physical connection, and 78 percent of women emphasize the need for a partner who understands both aspects.

Open-hearted masculinity: Talk around masculinity and vulnerability are reshaping relationships, with 25 percent of men worldwide embracing increased openness. In India, 26 percent of men report positive effects on mental health, while 37 percent see a lack of vulnerability as a deal breaker.

MVP (Most Valuable Partner): Sport is taking center stage, fueled by a new wave of tennis stars, a continuous stream of sports documentaries and an upcoming global competition. For 35 percent of unmarried Indians, a shared love for sports is now an indisputable ‘must-have’, whether as a player or a spectator. As 30 percent state that attending sports events together is crucial, Bumble data reveals a staggering proportion of profiles in India proudly displaying the badge of sporting interests, with cricket and football as their main sporting interests.

Date of consideration: In response to the increasing emphasis on self-care and mental health, more than half (58 percent) of singles embrace being open about their mental well-being and taking a deliberate approach to slowing down. Indian singles are changing their dating habits, with 1 in 3 (33 percent) actively engaging in ‘slow dating’ — prioritizing quality over quantity.

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