Framingham Public School improvement plans include DEI projects

FRAMINGHAM — School officials say their district plans to emphasize greater importance and equity, and they are on the hunt for a new assistant superintendent who embraces those traits.

The school district is preparing its improvement plans, focusing on strengthening curriculum-level access; a sense of belonging between students and staff; and innovations and expansion projects, according to n Assistant Superintendent of Schools Amy Bright.

Head of School Robert Tremblay added in the conference that improvement plans, both at the district and at the individual school levels, are important because they affect how the district operates.

“It’s how we prioritize and how we assign staff,” he said. “We bring ideas to life to have the same priorities.”

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In addition, Tremblay said improvement plans, specifically equity and related projects, boost student outcomes.

“One of the goals of the suspension is for kids to feel like they belong, especially our historically underrepresented students,” he said. “It’s important for us to see teachers who reflect our students.”

Clark, who oversees pre-k through 12th grade education, told the Daily News that the school district plans to do better every year, with the district itself embarking on a seven-year development plan, and each school is stepping up. three year plans.

“Therefore, the school improvement plans are a roadmap that will bring about the overall goals,” Tremblay said. “We know where he wants to go and now we intend to go there.”

School officials are in the process of revising their plans when they stop School Committee. The high school plan was presented last week, while Framingham’s three middle schools will present plans this week. Elementary school plans will be presented in December.

“People need to be grateful and have their voices heard,” Clarus said. “We’re doing miracles in Framingham. One of the big things is the sense of coherence and meeting the expectations of grade levels.”

He is also looking to hire a new officer for the related matter

Some of the related projects include the renaming of the now vacant deputy superintendent position for equity, relatedness and community engagement.

The position title was previously assistant manager equity, diversity and community engagement and held by Tiffany Lillie. Aim Lillie was recently hired as the CEO of Girls Inc. It was said in Worcesteran organization that encourages girls to be “strong, smart and bold” through direct service and advocacy.

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According to the job description, the assistant superintendent for equity, audience and community engagement will work closely with various district owners and will be responsible for prioritizing and executing projects, particularly those dealing with curriculum, faculty hiring, staff recruitment and retention.

Individuals will also be responsible for directing efforts and creating opportunities to define, assess and promote diversity, equity and inclusion, educational and employment opportunities and cultural opportunities.

A search for a new assistant superintendent is being conducted based on Marlborough New School Development Vatican Council (NESDEC). Tremblay said he wants to look outside the firm with extra steps because the new assistant superintendent is big, with many community partnerships.

The deadline to apply for the position was Nov. 28. Preliminary interviews to begin on Dec. 11 with the first position of 2024

The posting office proposes a salary range of $155,000 to $175,000.

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