Female dog killed by car while in Rover sitter’s care

BALTIMORE — James Cruz was nervous when she first trusted a pet from the popular Rover app. Left for a cruise the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

“The day I left I felt a message and I was like, I’m literally having a hard time, I’m breaking down because I’m just leaving them in your care and I’m going to go for it. many days. This is the longest I’ve been without my Rocket and Jet,” Cruz told us.

Her worst fears were finally coming true. On Tuesday, while on a ship with very limited cell phone service, she learned her dog, Jett, had been missing since the night before. The owner of the Rover said it was lost. Cruz could not catch a flight home until Thursday.

So her family put flyers in the area where she was last seen and checked local shelters. Once Cruz returned to Baltimore, she hit the pavement.

“I had a bullhorn, I’d walk up and down all the blocks and scream into the bullhorn exactly everything I would say to him — ‘Jet, Jet, let’s go get Rocket,’ his brother,” Cruz said.

A neighbor told her that a dog matching Jett’s description was hit by a car and killed that Monday, the same day he was apparently rescued.

“So my sister and my family went all week looking for my Jet,” Cruz said, fighting back tears.

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Witnesses told Cruz the accident happened on North Avenue. An employee at Carey Hardware tells her he took her dog from the middle of the road and held it until an animal control officer arrived.

“I showed him pictures and he just broke down and he’s like, I’m so sorry. I did it, I stayed with your dog,” Cruz said.

Cruz says the worst part is not having closure. She didn’t get a chance to recognize Jett.

Baltimore Animal Control picked him up and took him to BARCS. But Cruz says his chip was never scanned before he was cremated, and when her family went to BARCS to ask if they had Jet, they were only shown pets that were available for adoption, not pets that had died.

“There has to be a better process. This pain I feel inside, I can’t even describe to you. (…) On Thursday I had to take both of my dogs. And I picked one up,” Cruz said.

She says Rover offered her a refund and to pay to adopt a new dog when she was ready. Cruz says none of this is bringing her boyfriend back.

“I don’t want another dog. I could care less about getting a refund for $400. That doesn’t do anything for me. That doesn’t give my jet back,” she said.

We await responses from BARCS, and the Bureau of Animal Control.

Rover sent us the following statement:

At Rover, most of us are pet parents and were saddened to learn of Jet’s passing. Our hearts go out to all who loved him.

This deeply moving experience, the 24/7 Trust and Safety team worked diligently to support the Cruz family. We paid for fliers to be posted, offered a reward, posted on online lost pet channels, which also contacted local animal shelters, and reached out to local pet sitters asking them to help with the search. We have fully refunded Ms. Cruz’s service and removed the pet from our community.

Security (rover.com) is at the heart of everything we do to support our community of pets, pet parents and caregivers. We understand the deep trust that millions of pet parents have placed in our platform, and we work hard every day to continue to earn that trust.

Before booking a service, we encourage pet parents to contact several potential sitters to ensure the booking is a good fit for everyone. We also recommend that pet parents and pet sitters gain a mutual understanding of the pet’s personality and behavior, including whether they have previously attempted to escape from the home. We recommend that pet parents share detailed care expectations, including their pet’s unique needs, routines, and other information the guardian needs to know in order to provide safe and loving care.

In the Baltimore area, more than 350,00 services have been booked through Rover, with 97% of reviewed stays receiving a five-star review.”

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