Eugenio: Turning waste into wealth

Something my son has been researching for a project has to do with waste management. It really shocked me to know how wasteful people are. What shocked me more was how much money was wasted because waste could have turned into a cash opportunity. It seems as if the problem has reached the point where, despite the potential for profit, it is being ignored. It reminds me of times when, with the mountain of tasks before us, problems seem so daunting. However, with the right mindset, anything can be overcome.

Intimidation is a complex feeling. That’s why understanding it is the first step in changing the way we deal with it. To better understand her and ourselves, we must know our heavenly happiness. Heavenly luck is one of the three factors of human success that deals with a person’s innate characteristics. By knowing our heavenly happiness, we can not only find the cause of that feeling, but also the best way to deal with it. After learning more, it’s time to do something about it.

Another factor of human success is human happiness. A person’s happiness is related to the hard work and preparation one goes through before embarking on a task. As for what scares us, simply knowing about it doesn’t cure our phobias or anxieties. With gradual and precise steps, it becomes possible to increase immunity to intimidation and increase self-confidence. Along with work and knowledge, the courage to work will be more and more common.

Despite all the motivation you may have for self-improvement, going back and giving up can seem so tempting. Because of this, our environment can be the last part that makes or breaks someone. This refers to earthly happiness, which is the last factor in human success. Sometimes that extra boost is needed, and earthly happiness does this by redirecting the positive energy in our environment and sending it towards us. While growth through your own efforts is definitely possible, sometimes you need a little support along the way.

Often there is an opportunity to be and be better, but the situation becomes overwhelming to the point where it breaks us. We become anxious, intimidated and scared that someone is not doing anything. This is bad and all, but maybe it doesn’t need to go away. Maybe it’s important to finally climb that mountain, whether it’s the pile of dishes in the sink or a difficult project, to do it, despite what you’ve been told. After all, brave people aren’t brave unless they’re scary.

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