Drools dominates household pet food with 38% share: Dr Shashank Sinha

Drools, India’s only pet food MNC, was founded in 2010 by Fahim Sultan and is the flagship company of Drools Pet Food Pvt Ltd. With a focus on pet nutrition, health and well-being, Drools was born to bridge a gap and ensure all pets received the right kind of clean ingredients with a healthy and balanced diet. Production of dog and cat food began in 2010 and Drools today, is one of the fastest growing pet food brands in South Asia with extensive product lines developed to international quality standards.

Export-led growth has been a dominant paradigm for Drools and the company has experienced exponential growth over the past decade. The first shipment of Drools Daily Nutrition Dry Dog Food and Dry Cat Food was exported to Sri Lanka in the year 2012 and then to Kathmandu, Nepal within the same year.

Drools currently exports to 22+ countries and some select countries on the African continent. What started as a minimal product line has now expanded to Premium Dog Food, Economy Brand Packs, Treats, Supplements in addition to Dry Dog Food and Cat Food.

In an exclusive interaction with Adgully, Dr. Shashank Sinha, CEO, Drools Pet Food, talks about the growth of the pet care industry in India, leveraging celebrity associations to enhance campaign effectiveness, marketing strategies and more.

Could you provide some background on Drools pet food and its mission in the pet care industry?

Drools is a healthy, balanced and nutritious pet food brand, founded in 2009 to focus on the nutrition, health and well-being of pets, Drools was born to bridge a gap and ensure that all pets receive the right kind of clean ingredients with a healthy balance of nutrition.

Being India’s only MNC pet food company, Drools feeds the maximum number of pets in the country and consistently provides a wide variety of price variety across the price range that meets the evolving needs of discerning pet parents in India. Dominating the domestic pet food market with a 38% share, Drools has expanded its influence globally, reaching consumers in 26 countries. Our dedication to enriching the lives of pets and their owners is unwavering, underpinned by a strong commitment to quality, sustainability and active community involvement.

How important do you think awareness of pet care and nutrition is in today’s society? In what ways can increased awareness benefit both pet owners and pets themselves?

Understanding and addressing the unique nutritional needs of pets is vital to responsible pet ownership. Preventive measures such as regular vet visits, timely vaccinations and a balanced diet are key aspects of preventative pet health care. It is vital to recognize the distinction between homemade and commercial pet food. While home-cooked meals add a personal touch, pets need nutrition specifically designed for them. Dog and cat foods are designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of each species, and these needs vary based on factors such as age and health conditions. Being aware of these differences enables responsible pet owners to make informed choices, ensuring the overall health and well-being of their beloved companions.

Celebrities often have a significant influence on public opinion. How do you think they help raise awareness of responsible pet ownership and health?

In India, celebrity endorsements carry significant influence as people often value the guidance of celebrities they look up to. This provides an excellent avenue for educating consumers to make informed decisions. In our collaborations with celebrities and influencers, our focus extends beyond simply promoting the brand. Our goal is to enlighten customers and empower them to make wise choices. By leveraging the influence of these celebrities, we aim to educate a wider audience about the importance of providing pets with a balanced and nutritious diet for their overall well-being. This strategic approach not only aligns with our brand mission, but also leverages the power of celebrities to shape public perceptions and behaviors.

How can the pet care industry work with celebrities to overcome potential barriers to promoting responsible pet ownership?

The collaboration between the pet care industry and celebrities has huge potential to overcome barriers and promote responsible pet ownership. Celebrities, as influential advocates, can participate in awareness campaigns, using their reach to spread accurate information about pet nutrition, health care, and responsible pet ownership practices. By working together, industry and celebrities can reinforce messages of empathy, compassion and the basic responsibilities associated with pet ownership.

How can brands like Drools effectively work with celebrities without it coming across as a marketing strategy?

At Drools, our collaboration with celebrities goes beyond simple marketing strategies. is a genuine commitment to pet welfare. We seek partnerships based on shared values ​​and a mutual commitment to pet welfare and nutrition. Our partnerships go beyond promotional activities, involving celebrities in important initiatives such as awareness campaigns, charitable contributions and community engagement events. By incorporating these important personalities into our brand narrative authentically, showcasing their sincere involvement in pet care causes, Drools aims to convey a common cause with our celebrity partners.

In the age of social media, how do you envision leveraging platforms to spread awareness about pet care?

In today’s social media-driven landscape, spreading awareness about pet care involves using the platforms effectively. Drools is dedicated to empowering pet owners through social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram by sharing expert opinions and educational content. We work with veterinarians and nutritionists to provide valuable insights into dog and cat nutrition. Our interactive sessions encourage engagement and foster a supportive community among pet parents, while tailored nutritional guidelines help them make informed choices.

How can celebrity endorsements or partnerships help promote these innovations to a wider audience?

Celebrity endorsements and partnerships play a key role in catapulting innovations to the fore and reaching a wider audience. Harnessing the power of celebrity, Drools has effectively used these partnerships to create increased visibility for its pet care initiatives. These well-known personalities not only draw attention to Drools’ innovative campaigns, but also add a level of credibility and trust, influencing their huge fan bases to consider responsible pet ownership practices.

Additionally, Drools’ initiatives, such as collaborating with Kartik Aaryan for a heartwarming campaign and addressing Janhvi Kapoor’s concerns about the eating habits of her pet dog Panda, showcase a unique and personal approach. This not only attracts the attention of the public, but also creates a relevant and authentic connection between the celebrities and the brand’s innovations.

Beyond social media, how can celebrities actively work with local communities to promote responsible pet ownership?

Driven by a firm commitment to social welfare, Drools is actively involved in various animal welfare initiatives. Prioritizing the health and nutrition of community pets, we consistently contribute to local NGOs and animal shelters by providing essential pet food supplies. Often partnering with celebrities, we extend our support through donations to these organizations. This not only strengthens our credibility, but also champions the cause of quality nutrition through the influence of respected advocates.

What do you see as the future trends in the pet care industry and how can celebrities play a role in shaping those trends?

Pet adoption in India has skyrocketed, reaching 32 million pets with an annual growth of 12%. The trend of adopting stray animals, especially among millennials and Gen-Z, is expected to continue. Personalized nutrition, premium and personalized pet food and nutrition products, advanced healthcare technologies, sustainable and environmentally friendly products and an increased emphasis on the mental and emotional well-being of pets are expected to feature prominently. Celebrities can play a key role in shaping these trends by leveraging their influence to promote responsible pet ownership, endorse innovative and sustainable pet products, and support advances in pet healthcare. Their involvement in social media and awareness campaigns can significantly influence public perceptions and preferences, contributing to the evolution of a more conscientious and progressive pet care industry. Celebrity endorsements can draw attention to emerging trends, influencing consumer behavior and contributing to the overall positive growth of the pet care landscape.

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