A notorious prison escapee has launched a revolutionary personal development app

The new app combines technology with accountability to transform personal development journeys

This month, the world’s most anticipated self-improvement app ‘Encapsulator’ launched on Google Play and the App Store.

The Australian app, founded by Danny Shannon, is considered a revolution in the self-help industry. Shannon spent 17 years of his life wandering through life, homeless, in a sunbed, and addicted to heroin. Although he has since turned his life around, recovery has been a long struggle as he battles his demons and struggles to overcome the pitfalls of addiction. These days, with a degree in social work and soon to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in counseling, he works with those in the community who, like him, are struggling to put their addictions behind them while working for a cleaner future.

Encapsulator is Shannon’s brainchild, an app that acts as a secure platform for those who need a way to capture and record their thoughts and progress. Freed from judgment, users can use the on-screen video instructions to delve deeper into their thoughts and feelings, to record the progress they’ve made, the failures they’ve faced, the goals they’ve set, any emotional baggage that weighs them down, and ultimately celebrate themselves and release are the difficulties or injuries they suffer.

An explanation of the encapsulator

“I came up with the idea on the day I celebrated my six year anniversary of sobriety. I sat there, went down the memory lane and retraced the journey to sobriety I was on. In six years, I’ve come so far, struggled so much, crossed so many bridges and it’s climbed so many mountains,” said Mr Shannon, founder of the newly launched app, Encapsulator.

“I thought, if I at least made a video capsule for my future self, I could look back on my progress to see how far I’ve come. In particular, I wanted to have a video to watch on my tenth anniversary sober: Remember that all the struggles you’ve been through I went through were worth it.

“And then I had the idea to create a platform that anyone else who was in the same boat as me or facing their own challenges could use and benefit from. The idea for Encapsulator was born. The name is apt because it sums up your feelings and progress by giving yourself real personal accountability and a progress log of how far you’ve come.It’s an incredibly uplifting tool.

“After researching the questions, I began to record and discuss the events that had happened in my life. I recorded how far I had come and what plans I had. Working with others like me in recreationvery, in the span of several years, monover 250 people sat with me and did video diaries and gave me feedback.

“Journaling has been around in book form for a long time, and there are plenty of journaling apps available, but not many have brought the habit of journaling into the modern era through video, and certainly none that offer on-screen questions that encourage users to dig deeper.”

Encapsulator accepted worldwide

Already available for download on the App Store and Google Play, the goal is to reach 100,000 downloads by Christmas. The Encapsulator has been adopted by both individuals and institutions and has received Minimum Viable State Product (MVP) support from the New South Wales Department of Finance. Shannon’s personal story has been covered on every news channel in Australia, as well as in newspapers, radio and over 30 podcasts around the world.

“Encapsulator is a tool that can be used to document the journey of people achieving goals and life goals, whether it’s losing weight, recovering from a divorce, finding a new job, healing from a loss, furthering your education, overcoming a grievance or recovering from an addiction, or whatever among other things. Corporations and organizations have access to additional features to support those in recovery and those with mental health issues. My goal is to be among the top five mental health apps in the world,” said Mr Shannon.

“However, more than just addiction recovery, Encapsulator can help you manage your unique needs, whether you need help resolving grievances, fostering gratitude, or pursuing other personal growth agendas.”

Stay on track and plan for your future

“Encapsulator is designed as a video journaling program to help you talk about it so you don’t have to feel the weight of your emotional baggage. It can guide you toward finding the courage to get professional help when you need it,” he explained. .

“Record your journey as you find new coping strategies and learn to manage stress and deal with anxiety and cravings without the use of drugs and alcohol. You can talk about trauma and shame safely and without judgment.

“You can document your progress in building new relationships. You can even think about how you can repair relationship breakdowns. You can share your private fears about falling out again because it’s one of the biggest challenges many people face. And finally, you can use the Encapsulator to help you find your purpose as you adjust to life without your former crutches.

“With Encapsulator you can record your journey to stay on track and plan for your future and celebrate your journey.”

About the Encapsulator
Created by Danny Shannon, Encapsulator is a recently launched app that helps people keep a video journal. It’s designed to help people record their thoughts and progress to give them a visual log of their progress as they work toward goals and overcome challenges. The application is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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