A DIY mum creates a stunning new bathroom from her garage with tips from Instagram

A mum and husband has completely transformed their home with the help of social media. They turned the garage into a bathroom without any professional help

A couple needs another place for their newborn baby(Kelly Magnes)

He has female left people’s mouths awestruck with the incredible transformation she did on her home on a budget – and it’s all over social media.

Along with her husband, the interior savvy homeowner completely transformed an old bathroom into a kid’s room without any professional help, taking inspiration from Instagram.

Mum Kelly Magness from North Wales and hubby Sean were expecting their second child together when they decided to tear down their house and start renovating it from scratch. But before embarking on a plan, the couple weighed a few options – and later figured out that getting their hands dirty was the only solution to the problem.

They knew they couldn’t afford an extension, or were planning to wait for a license, but they didn’t let their dreams get in the way. But they decided to sacrifice their room, move the bathroom there, and turn the old bathroom into the child’s room.

“We were hoping to get it done sooner rather than later so that just two rooms didn’t even cross our mind,” Kelly said. LatestDeals.co.uk in 2019 But there was only one problem – the cost.

“We had a few teams at the start to quote and I don’t know what we were expecting, but one was £14,000 and another was £11,000 which was many moons away from what we could do,” explained Kelly.

But with time on their side – the couple decided they would just stick to it and the bathroom of their dreams for a fraction of the cost.

“We knew it would be a lot of hard work but we decided to bite the bullet and try ourselves seeing as we had 16 months to play. When we decided we were going to do it 100%, we literally just woke up in the morning. and then I started,” added mum.

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