6 Keys to Unlocking Success in Real Estate

I recently had the privilege of attending an AMPCon event hosted by inspirational author and speaker René Rodriguez. We often talk about game-changing approaches, but I have to say that this event really changed the game for me real estate career. The Rodriguez event left an indelible mark on my personal and professional development.

The event wasn’t just about real estate; it was about life, relationships and self-improvement. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Rodriguez and the other outstanding speakers for organizing this event and sharing their invaluable insights and stories.

I am confident that this experience will shape the way I perceive myself, present myself and convey my message, which will ultimately allow me to present myself more effectively to others in my life.

I want to dive deeper into each of the key takeaways from the AMPCon event and explore how they can impact you personally and professionally.

1️. Build your life according to plan, not according to circumstances

Instead of simply reacting to circumstances, successfully real estate agents one should have a clear vision and a well-designed plan. This requires setting specific goals, creating a business strategy and maintaining a growth mindset.

Those who design their lives tend to be more strategic in their lives real estate investments, market analysis and their operational and networking. They are the ones who do not leave their success to chance but actively work every day to achieve their goals.

2️. Train like a pro — with intensity, practice and commitment to growth

Real estate is a constantly evolving field with changing market dynamics, regulations and technology. In order to be successful in this industry, continuous learning is essential. Real estate professionals must invest time and effort in improving their skills and knowledge.

Training, attending workshops and seeking professional development opportunities are key. Embracing technology and following the latest market and industry trends can set you apart as a true professional.

3️. Our brain rewards us for staying in our comfort zone

Stagnation is the enemy of progress. Growth and success are found outside of your comfort zone. In a highly competitive industry like real estate, embracing challenges, taking calculated risks and pursuing opportunities that may seem daunting can lead to significant rewards.

Developing resilience and thinking about growth can encourage us to explore new markets, try innovation Marketing strategies and expand our services, ultimately achieving greater success.

4️. In life, some things require therapy, some need a support system, and some require a decision

Life events and experiences, both personal and professional, can sometimes become stumbling blocks on our way to inner peace and happiness. Here’s an overview of how this applies and how to effectively close chapters that may be holding you back:


Past traumas, unresolved emotions, or psychological challenges can affect your overall well-being. Seeking therapy is a proactive step toward solving these problems. Professional therapists can help you manage complex emotions, heal past wounds, and provide tools for better mental and emotional health.

Support system

Dealing with grievances, major transitions or difficult decisions requires the strength and help of a support system. This can include friends, family or a close-knit community. Sharing your feelings and experiences with a trusted network can provide emotional comfort, guidance and a sense of belonging.

In life, finding and nurturing this support system is key to navigating challenging situations and maintaining emotional well-being.


Whether it’s ending a toxic relationship, changing careers, or starting a new life path, many of the decisions we make are critical to personal growth. Making informed choices often involves self-reflection, understanding your values, and seeking advice from trusted sources. Decisions in life require careful consideration and may require letting go of the past to embrace a brighter future.

Identifying life events that are holding you back from peace and happiness is a crucial first step. Once identified, it’s important to take action based on the appropriate category — whether that’s seeking therapy, leaning on your support system, or making the tough decision to close that chapter. In doing so, you empower yourself to heal emotional wounds, find solace, and move forward with a renewed sense of peace and happiness.

5️. People discover their true worth through what they talk about the most

What individuals prioritize in their conversations reflects their values ​​and priorities. Focus on meaningful and relevant topics in communication with clients, colleagues and partners. By aligning your conversations with client needs and market insights, you can build trust and demonstrate your expertise, ultimately improving your reputation and client relationships.

6️. People often take advantage of what is free

In personal relationships, offering time and emotional support indiscriminately can lead to an unbalanced dynamic, where one side takes more than it gives. Learning to set healthy boundaries and allocate your resources wisely is key to maintaining healthy, reciprocal relationships.

Information and advice is readily available, but not all of it may be valuable or appropriate for our unique circumstances. By recognizing that free resources may not always align with our goals or values, we can be more discerning in our choices, looking for quality over quantity.

Value your own contributions and be mindful of how you allocate your resources, whether it’s your time, knowledge or expertise. Balancing generosity with prudence is essential both in our professional endeavors and in leading a fulfilling and successful life in general.

Troy Palmquist is the co-founder Doora Properties.

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