10 Frugal Habits for Paying for the Holidays

Many of us look forward to celebrating the holidays throughout the year. We budget for ways to buy special gifts for our loved ones, think about fun activities and go on shopping sprees.

But we can’t forget that this is also a time to pay – and we don’t have to break the bank. According to experts, there are many ways to be charitable: All I need is to be a little creative.

“The holiday season is a time of giving and many people are looking for ways to give back to their communities and those in need,” said Linda Chavez, founder and CEO of Seniors Insurance Finder. “Unfortunately, this time of year can also be financially stressful for many people and families.”

However, he said there are many frugal or creative ways that people can still make a positive impact during the holidays and give back. Here are some ideas to help you.

See also how to donate to charity.

Donate your time and skills

One frugal and creative way to give to charity during the holidays is by donating your time and skills, said Chris McGuire, founder. Real Estate Exam Ninja.

“Volunteer at a local shelter, food bank or community center to help organize holiday events, serve food or help with various tasks,” he recommended. “If you have specific skills, offer them for good, like offering free fitness sessions, teaching a workshop or providing professional services to charitable organizations.”

Similarly, Chavez said one of the most valuable gifts you can give during the holidays is your time.

“Many charitable and non-profit organizations need voluntary help with various tasks such as serving food, wrapping gifts or organizing donation drives,” he explained. “Not only does volunteering save you money, but it also allows you to directly impact and make a difference in your community.”

Gift Coupon

Another idea McGuire proposed was to design and distribute products that provide services or benefits to friends, family or neighbors.

“These tasks can include tasks such as shoveling snow, walking care or helping with family chores,” he said. “Recipients can redeem the coupon and donate to a mutual charity of their choice. It’s a unique way to spread goodwill, engage others and encourage charitable giving.”

Online Giving Platforms

You can make an online donation to make a charitable contribution to charity during the holiday season, McGuire said. Many platforms allow you to search for causes you are passionate about and make donations of any amount.

He also said that you could consider setting up a personal fundraising campaign and sharing it with your network, encouraging others to contribute as well.

DIY Gift Wrapping Service

“DiY involves enlisting a friend, family or colleague for charitable donations,” McGuire said.

You can set up a wrapping station with a variety of wrapping paper, ribbons and ornaments.

“People can offer you their gifts and wrap them nicely on the donation platform,” he said, adding that this allows you to show off your creative skills while raising money for a charitable cause.

Handyman Services

Another way to create income, suggests Molly Haines, is to invest in real estate and own property Cash Home Buyersperform handyman services.

“By volunteering your time and skills to help with household repairs, maintenance or other manual labor,” he says, “you can bring joy and relief to struggling individuals or families.”

Whether it’s fixing a broken gutter, mending a fence or helping with small home improvement projects, he said your efforts can really make a difference in someone’s life.

“Not only does it give you hands-on responsibilities to directly help others,” she says, “but it also provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing that you’re using your skills to make a positive impact.”

He also said it can foster a sense of community and connection as you work with those you help.

Home-baked gifts

“Instead of buying gifts, you bake large batches of cookies, cakes and other treats,” said Madhuram Prabhakar, blogger and founder. Eggless Cooking. “These homemade gifts are not only free, but also personal and made with love. I simplify recipes using seasonal and budget-friendly ingredients, which helps minimize costs even further.

Cooking Classes

“I offer virtual cooking classes for local community members, teaching them how to prepare economical and nutritious vegetarian meals,” Prabhakar said. “This is a great way to promote healthy and budget-friendly eating habits, especially during the holidays.”

Donating for Money

“If you have items that you no longer need or use, consider donating them to a charitable organization or non-profit,” Chavez said.

This could include clothes, furniture, toys or even canned goods for a food drive.

“Not only does this help the needy,” he says, “but it also allows you to deconstruct and give new life to things that are otherwise unused.”

Round Up and Donate

According to Ritika Asrani, the founder and head of the broker St. Maarten Real EstateMany banks and financial institutions offer a round robin feature.

“Every time you make a purchase, they round up the amount to the nearest dollar, and the park goes toward the change of your choice,” he said. “It’s like a virtual change jar, making almsgiving automatic and painless.”

Pool Resources With Friends, Family or Colleagues

Rather than each person making a separate donation, collectively deciding on a cause and consolidating funds can make a more substantial and meaningful gift, advises Jeff Mains, financial expert and CEO of. Champion Leadership Group. Volunteering time collectively at local shelters, banks or community food centers not only directly helps those in need, but also saves valuable organizational resources.

Chavez said that instead of giving monetary donations, you can consider organizing a charity event or fundraiser with friends, family or co-workers.

“This can be something as simple as a bake sale or car wash, or something more creative like organizing a holiday-themed scavenger hunt,” she said.

Not only does this allow you to raise money for a good cause, he said, but it can also be fun and festive for people to gather for the holidays.

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